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Easy to Navigate, Small Business and Commercial Websites 


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Are our speciality!

Get an On-line Brochure or Website for your business, let us build and host your site and register and manage you a Dot Com or other domain name.

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The web is an ideal medium for large amounts of information
which can be accessed by a wide audience. 

Even within a modest website, it is possible to include substantially more information than in a standard leaflet or brochure and to present it in more interesting and interactive ways. 

We can restructure and rework existing material into effective online content. 


We offer web hosting services for sites we build and maintain. 

We handle all the set up work, including registering or transferring domain names, setting up email addresses and uploading pages to the server. 

No technical knowledge is required on the part of the client and they benefit from a single point of contact with an overview of their entire web-based activity.


We will provide technical implementation of our website design and the presentation of your information in a clear, user-friendly navigation system.

Overall style and appearance will enhance the site's message. 


Speed is given prominent consideration in developing our sites, which are built using html which allow pages to download quickly and work effectively across different computer systems, web browsers and screen resolutions. 



A DOT COM domain name gives a single, memorable identity to any organization's online activities and obtaining an appropriate one should be one of the first things considered when planning a new website.

We  provide advice on selecting appropriate domain names to register, availability checks, and name registration and set up as part of our web development services.

Photography and Pictures

We can take all the necessary pictures for your website or publication, and although legally all pictures taken by us remain the property of a-line-websites, pictures can be licensed for use for other than our websites and publications from 25 per picture. 

Use of our pictures without our permission may incur costs

These Images can be supplied on a CD at a cost of £25 for each CD plus image cost. 



A-Line-Websites is our internet Brand Name